StyleActually more profound retro than ripe bananas. Greetings with the 60s - a super-narrow pipes - perfectly outline a legs line, drawing note more effectively than a mini. A partners of this model - tunic or great shirt plus boots, loafers or shoes with room soles.  Similar posts:Style Fashion of designer clothing summer periodStyle Women's style winter period hatsFashion Style Accessories: Pre upkeep. . . . Читать полностью -->

Clothing: Vogue Trends 2009

FashionGarments. In the start, I would same to mention that on a runways of big mode, there were "hand-woolen" yarn, dresses and cardigans. So, what's a fashionista, craftswomen, how you say - your way! An example of such a garment, "haute couture" was splendid dress, model «The Elizabeth», by Jemma Sykes.In mode cropped sleeves, so they look elegant, rich colors and bright prints. Jackets with short sleeves presented this source collections in almost all a big-name style houses.You will look very elegant in a jacket with short sleeves, add to this install of gloves and a little bag clutches, for example from the collection of Kenzo, which we possess along spoken to you. And you - just a dame glamor. On a lot of models of jackets, trend-80s, lush shortened sleeves will do the hand, visually, more elegant. Читать полностью -->

Brushes: mode Accessories summer 2011

ModeThe tendency of the time 2013 - brushes, which are used how a decorative element for bags, evening clothes and chic tops. But you managed to penetrate into the realm of Accessories. Brushes are a pendants on a already great Accessories. Thin metal chains assembled into a wider chain properly with pearls.  Similar posts:Style Summer style: Photo Gallery trendy sundresses-1: Summer on the strapsMode Summer Fashion: Clothing for graduatesMode Autumn Vogue: Style women's coat. . . Читать полностью -->

Fashion jumpsuits 2009

VogueOveralls - hit of the period "Spring-Summer 2009".By overalls may be treated in different ways, approximately in the joy of such a novelty, specifically the slit - a practical style, but anyone - that such a item is just annoying. Nevertheless, a denim overalls - a hit of the season. This is not surprising, given that the ingenious, "jeans" is used for sewing sturdy work clothes and construction - overalls, was among the most common of such garments.  Alike posts:Style Knitted hats, firmly-fitting headMode Summer lovely skirtVogue Nakedly clear-June. . . . Читать полностью -->

Bloom camel

VogueClassical elegance and style of business - it's camel-hair coat. Although short and concise options on this topic, look beautiful with denim fashion within «casual». A collections of a winter period period 2013/2012 tone camel thin hair (golden-sand) is used by designers is highly active. A assemblage Row (Winter period 2011/2012) on a blossom coat as close to gilded yellow. At Hermes - a soft sand tone with terracotta stripes and lining of a same outline.At Hermes, there are coats of "camel" classical color, but ingenious fashion: sleeve "bat", a thin skin belt through a hip.  Similar articles:Style Gloves Siberian DameVogue Jewelry and shoes: what is relevant in this time?Mode Vogue trends of spring: Female COAT. . Читать полностью -->

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